Hospitality Food & Drink Supplies


Food & Beverage Consumables

Delight your guests with our exceptional range of food and beverage consumables – the heartbeat of a memorable hospitality experience. With every sip, our rich coffee sachets promise to awaken the senses, while our array of tea bags transport them to a tea lover’s paradise. To sweeten the stay, our hand-picked selection of individually wrapped biscuits and decadently delicious mini chocolates embodies the warmth of your welcome. Crafted with the discerning guest in mind, our collection boasts a range that caters to every palate and every dawn ahead, ensuring that first light is met with nothing less than a sanctuary of flavour and comfort. Whether it’s the rich notes of a well-brewed coffee or the comfort of a crisp biscuit, every detail is designed to enhance the hospitality you proudly provide.

Bulk Food Consumables for Hotels & Restaurants

Step into the world of exquisite hospitality with our range of top-quality bulk food consumables for your hotel or restaurant. From individually wrapped biscuits including shortbread and ginger snaps to mini chocolates and a delightful assortment of jams and spreads, we've created a selection fit for a king's breakfast or a cosy evening snack. It's these thoughtful touches that set your establishment apart, creating memories that linger long after checkout. Whether it's a welcoming gesture in your guest rooms, a refined addition to your breakfast service, or a thoughtful detail in your restaurant, every part of your establishment can be a stage for these little luxuries. With top brands at your fingertips, you can be assured that the flavour matches the polish, and every bite offers a taste of opulence.

Bulk Buy Drinks for your Hotel Guest Rooms

Strengthen your hotel's reputation for first-class hospitality by stocking your guest rooms with the finest array of beverages. Imagine your guests' satisfaction when they discover a well-stocked minibar, brimming with the services usually reserved for five-star luxury! Our carefully curated selection ensures there’s a top-brand beverage for every taste, from premium bottled waters and renowned soft drinks to the deliciously tempting healthy fruit smoothies. We also provide all the essentials for hot drinks, including an extensive selection of individual tea bags, coffee sachets, and hot chocolate, as well as sugar, sweetener, and mini milk pots, allowing your guests to prepare a hot drink from the comfort of their own room. Bulk buy drinks for your hotel guest rooms from Mellcrest today and treat your guests to best in-room beverages.

Bulk Food & Beverage Consumables at Low Wholesale Prices

Discover the comprehensive collection of bulk food and beverage consumables we offer, all available at low wholesale prices. Our vast assortment caters to a variety of needs, ensuring that you can find precisely what you're looking for in one convenient location. By streamlining your procurement process, you can save valuable time and effort. So why wait any longer? Explore our extensive selection of bulk food and drink supplies and uncover the perfect options for your business. From premium milk products and hot chocolate sachets to tea bags and more, we have everything you need to satisfy your guests' cravings. Trust us to be your go-to supplier for all your hospitality needs!